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【Aqours】【English Call Guidance】Aqours Asia tour and 5th LoveLive! ~Next SPARKLING!!~ 3/23,24 shanghai and more

This is English Version of call guidance for Aqours Asia tour 2019, including mix-call such as "Tiger! Fire! Cyber!...". Let's have a exciting live with MIX-Call and Yeah tiger!


1)Typical mix-call for idols
Before we go to the guide of each Aqours songs, let's review typical "MIX-call","Yeah Tiger" and "Gachikoi-koujyou".

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・Standard(English)/Japanese MIX
We often use Standard MIX in 1st A-melo(first melody after introduction) and Japanese MIX before 2nd A-melo. Shout once in 2 beats as score below with approching "しゃ~行くぞ!" and five claps.

- Standard MIX


- Japanese MIX


(Reference: Standard MIX 0:06~, Japanese MIX 0:46~)

・Ainu MIX
This call is for the end of the song. Rythm is same as Standard/Japanese MIX but closing is different from them. Please see score below.


・Double-Speeded MIX
If the song have only 8 beats introduction before A-melo, cut the break between the words as below. We usually take double-speeded MIX with Standard/Japanese.

(Reference: double-speeded Standard MIX)

・Yeah Tiger!
Let's shout "Yeah Tiger!"(イェッタイガー) at the 4 beats break before the "Climax". There are 2 types of "イェッタイガー" with/without clap.

(Reference: 3:24~, Yeah Tiger! beginnig with Chaos-MIX)

・Yeah Tiger, Faibo-wiper!(イェッタイガファイボワイパー)
In the case of 8 beats break before the Climax, say "👏イェッタイガファイボワイパー". 

 (Reference: 1:04~, 👏Yeah Tiger, Faibo-wiper)


We can shout the love for favorite at long interlude. Put your favorites at 〇〇.

言いたいことがあるんだよ(Iitaikotoga arundayo)

やっぱり〇〇は可愛いよ(Yappari 〇〇 ha kawaii yo)

好き好き大好きやっぱ好き(Suki-Suki Daisuki Yappa Suki)

やっと見つけたお姫様(Yatto mitsuketa Ohimesama)

俺が生まれてきた理由(Ore ga umaretekita riyu-u)

それは〇〇に出会うため(Sore ha 〇〇 ni deau tame)

俺と一緒に人生歩もう(Ore to issho ni jinsei ayumou)

世界で一番愛してる(Sekai de ichiban aishiteru)

アイシテルー! (A,i,shi,te,ru-!)

(Reference: His favorite is Maaya Wada.)

Other "口上(Koujyou)" patterns(This page is Japanese only, sorry)


2)Detail call guidance

・Hop? Stop? Nonstop!

Since the 1st half of aqours theater version stage is Itary, there are three special calls such as "Pasta MIX" for introduction, "デキアガッタピザヲデリバリー(Deki-agatta pizza wo derivery)" at the starting of 1st B-melo and "Watanabe Tsuki MIX" for B-melo end. Of course, let's shout "👏Yeah tiger!" before the climax of each chorus continuously "Watanabe Tsuki MIX"(1st/2nd chorus) or Chaos MIX(last chorus). Also, we can put double speeded Japanese MIX with the actor name of 2nd chorus beggining(虎火人造繊維高槻かなこ!, tora-hi jinzou sen-i Takatsuki Kanako!).

【Pasta MIX】

Venezia Venezia, Ve-ne-zia! (Approching)

Genovese, Pescatore!

Arabiata! Alberto! Puttanesca! Cacciatore!

Aglio olio, Peperoncino!

【Watanabe Tsuki MIX】

睦月(Mutsuki) 如月(Kisaragi) 弥生(Yayoi) 卯月(Uzuki)

皐月(Satsuki) 水無月(Minazuki) 渡辺月!(Watanabe Tsuki)

Fly~Away~, 👏Yeah tiger!

【Chaos MIX】

Wa, Wa, World chaos!

諸行!(Shogyou!) 木暮!(Kogure!) 時雨!(Shigure!) 神楽!(Kagura!)

金剛山、翔襲叉!(Kongousan, shousyu-sha!)

黒雲無常世界混沌!(Koku-un mujou, sekai konton!)

👏Yeah Tiger!

 (Reference: Hop? Stop? Nonstop!? full chorus version, subtitle is Japanese only)

・Brightest Melody

Aqours MIX begnning with Anju for introduction and 1st interlude, varied triplet MIX(so called "Kahen 3-ren MIX") for long interlude after 2nd chorus. At the approching of last climax, I recommend special MIX "Sunshine victory Koujyou with chaos MIX".

【Aqours MIX beginning with Anju】

ウリャオイ×4 👏👏👏👏👏杏樹~梨香子!


(Urya oi×4, 👏👏👏👏👏 Anju~Rikako!)

(Nanaka! Arisa! Shuka! Aika! Kanako! Aina! Ai, Aaaa-i!)

【Varied triplet MIX(可変3連MIX)】

人造ファイヤファイボワイパー (Jinzou fire faibo wiper)

タイガータイガー タタタタタイガー (Tiger Tiger ta ta ta ta tiger)

チャペアペカラキナ チャペアペカラキナ (Chape ape kara-kina Chape ape kara-kina)

ミョーホントゥスケ👏ワイパー (Myo-hon tosuke👏wiper)

ファイヤーファイヤー 虎虎カラキナ (Fire fire tora-tora kara-kina)

チャペアペファーマー 海女海女ジャスパー (Chape ape farmer ama-ama jasper)

虎タイガー 虎タイガー (Tora tiger, Tora tiger)

人造繊維 イェッタイガー (Jinzou sen-i, yeah tiger)

【Sunshine victory Koujyou with chaos MIX(ワールドカオス→サンシャイン優勝口上)】

Wa, Wa, World chaos!

諸行!(Shogyou!) 木暮!(Kogure!) 時雨!(Shigure!) 神楽!(Kagura!)

金剛山、翔襲叉!(Kongousan, shousyu-sha!)

優勝×8 (Yuusyou×8) ラブライブって知ってる~?(Lovelive, tte shitteru~?)

青空無限、世界幻惑!(Aozora-mugen, sekai-genwaku!)

イェッタイガー!(Yeah tiger!)

(Reference: 3:10~ Shunshine victory Koujyou with chaos MIX)

・君のこころは輝いてるかい?(Kimi no kokoro wa kagayaiteru kai?)

Standard MIX for introduction, and double speeded MIX before A-melo of 2nd chorus. MIX and Koujyou is not propely fitting because there is a "standard call" of "Oh yeah, doki-doki sunshine" at the interludes.

・恋になりたいAQUARIUM(Koi ni naritai AQUARIUM)

This is one of the most famous song of "Yeah tiger". Especally, "可変田んぼMIX(a variation of rice field MIX" in the B-melo of 1st chorus is very exciting so that this MIX is imported by many idols.

【可変田んぼMIX(variation of rice field MIX)】

農林業 水産業 (Nouringyou Suisangyou)

魚の様子も👏おかしい (Sakana no yousu mo okashi-i)

(とっても とっても) コシヒカリ~! (Koshi-hikari)

(だったら いっしょに) ササニシキ~!(Sasa-nishiki)

いやいやいやいや 待て待て待て待て (Iya Iya Iya Iya mate-mate-mate-mate)

田んぼの 田んぼの たーんーぼーの (Tanbo-no, Tanbo-no, Ta-n-bo-no)

田んぼの様子が👏おかしい (Tanbo-no yousu ga okashi-i)

イェッタイガー! (Yeah Tiger!)

(Reference: rice field MIX)

There are many MIXs for this tune, such as character MIX at introduction, Hannya-shinkyou(般若心経) MIX at 1st interlude and double speeded Standard/Japanese/Ainu MIX at the last of each chorus.

【Character MIX(Ordered by the ranking of 1st center election)】

曜!ルビィ! (You! Ruby!)

梨子、善子、国木田 は~な~ま~る~!(Riko, Yoshiko, Kunikida, ha-na-ma-ru!)

(空色カーテン Open! 海色ゲート Welcome!)

千歌、ダイヤ、鞠莉、果南 (Chika, Dia, Mari, Kanan)

諏・訪・な・な・か!(Su, wa, na, na, ka!)

【Hannya-shinkyou MIX】

羯諦羯諦 波羅羯諦 波羅僧羯諦 (Gya-tei Gya-tei Ha-ra-sou-gya-tei)

菩提薩婆訶 般若心経(Bo-ji-so-waka hannya-shinkyou)

臨、兵、闘、者、皆、陣、列、在、前!(Rin, pyou, tow, syaa, kai, jin, retsu, zai, zen!)

(Reference: including regular call and all MIXs except for rice field)

Introduction has typical rythm for Myo-hon tosuke park. I think Thomas MIX after the park is one of the most beautiful MIX. There are rythm for "👏Yeah tiger, faibo wiper" before entering the climax of 1st/2nd chorus. Long interlude is suitable for "Gachikoi-Koujyou".

【Myo-hon tosuke park→Thomas MIX】 

ミョーホントゥスケ 化繊飛除去 (Myo-hon tosuke, kassen tobi jyokyo)

ジャージャー、ファイボー、ワイパー (Jar-jar, faibo, wiper!)

うりゃおい×4 👏👏👏👏👏しゃ~行くぞ!(Urya-oi×4, 👏👏👏👏👏Shaaaaa ikuzo!)

Thomas! Godon! Henry! Percy! Tobby! Edward! Poppo-!

(Reference: Myo-hon tosuke park→Thomas MIX)

・青空Jumping Heart(Aozora Jumping Heart)

Standard MIX for introduction and Japanese MIX for 1st interlude. If you know, Watanabe you MIX or Japanese MIX beginning with "Tora-hi"(虎火発動日本語MIX) is very joyful. There are double speeded Standred/Japanese MIX→yeah tiger at the approching of 1st/2nd climax. And, oftenly varied triplet MIX is put in the interlude after 2nd chorus. Before the last climax chorus, let's say "Yeah, mange-Eternal!(イェッ、ま〇げ!エターナル!)".

(Reference: Standard MIX in the introduction and double speeded MIX→yeah tiger at the approching of 1st B-melo)

(Reference: 1:04~ "Tora-hi" beginning Japanese MIX, 2:28~ Yeah, mange-Eternal!)

・想いよひとつになれ(Omoi-yo hitotsu ni nare)
Same as usual, double speed Standard MIX before the 1st chorus. There are 16 beats approching at the end of B-melo. In this case, we often put "イェッタイガー、ノータイガー、いやいやいやいやイェッタイガー!(Yeah tiger, no tiger, iya-iya-iya-iya, yeah tiger!").

(Reference: Iya-iya-iya-iya, yeah tiger!) 


Triplet MIX(Standard→Japanese→Ainu) for introduction. My recommend is shouting "iya-iya-iya-iya yeah tiger!" at the approching of 1st chorus climax and "Gachikoi-koujyou" at the ending. Timing of "yeah tiger!" is just matching with the direction of wing spread. Variated tripret MIX can be put at the interlude after 2nd chorus.

(Reference: 0:21~ "iya×4 year tiger!" and 0:56~ "Gachikoi-koujyou".)

(Reference: Variated triplet MIX of the interlude.)

・近未来ハッピーエンド(Kin-mirai happy end)

This tune is very similar for indies idol, so It's insane if you don't put MIX, yeah tiger and "Gachikoi-koujyou". Standard MIX for introduction, and Japanese MIX beginning with "Tora-hi" before 2nd A-melo. Iya-iya-iya-iya yeah tiger for 1st climax approching and single "yeah tiger!" after the regular call "Let's Go!".

(Reference: Inami Anju Gachikoi-koujyou)